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FireArc is a unique combination of digital assets, products, and services ranging from the desktop and mobile applications and utilities, Adtech software, to gaming. Since 2020, FireArc’s main activities have consisted of leveraging their technology and services in ad monetization specifically designed for advertisers and content generation platforms. Since then, FireArc has acquired and developed other business units that have become important elements of an intricate digital advertising ecosystem, including FireArcade, Carambola, and FireApps.

In the third quarter of 2021 FireArcade was established, a gaming hub which added a whole new dimension to FireArc’s activities. FireArcade is creating a comprehensive gaming community, including gaming studios, developers, experts, and investment opportunities. Carambola was acquired in the second quarter of 2022, offering native advertising technology and services using AI to provide engaging and interactive content for media houses and other digital properties.

Most recently FireArc has aquired FireApps, B2C website and mobile application and utilities unit, providing innovative and useful apps for the end consumer to simplify tasks and improve individual productivity. All the units are powered by innovative technology carefully developed by our talent R&D team, software developers and engineers for app distribution, performance monitoring, campaign optimization, and monetization.

Culture & Values


The ability to quickly adapt and respond to changing situations and opportunities


The desire to learn and explore new ideas and perspectives

Data Driven

Making informed decisions through the analysis of accurate and relevant data

Team Work

The collective effort and unity of individuals working towards a common goal


Unlocking new possibilities through innovative and original thinking


Individuals taking responsibility and accountability for their actions and decisions

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