FireArc Owns & Develops a Multi Platform Ecosystem of Engaging Digital Assets and Solutions

Enriched data-driven solutions shaping the dynamic landscape of digital advertising.

About Us
FireArc — The Digital Advertising Ecosystem

FireArc owns, develops, and continually optimizes an intricate system of digital assets, contents, and infrastructures, all contributing to our digital advertising ecosystems.
Our products and digital content range from utility applications, habit-tracking mobile apps, and gaming apps, to native advertising adtech.All our products and content coordinate together to create unique monetization solutions and advanced revenue streams for digital properties.

Business Units
Our Key Elements for an Enhanced Digital Ecosystem

Four distinct business units working together to create cross-channel, multi-platform revenue streams


Desktop utility applications facilitating daily tasks.


Streamline everyday tasks and digital life with our mobile apps and features for better productivity.


Capture your audience at exactly the right moment for increased engagement with powerful native advertising technology


Maximize gaming potential with our industry leading gaming hub.

Creativity, Agility, and Ownership to the Core

FireArc is leading the industry by taking root in the values of creativity, agility, and ownership to drive innovation. These values are vital to the development of empowering technology.

Being open, flexible, and reactive is pivotal when navigating through ever-changing and dynamic landscapes of digital technology. In a data-driven environment, collaborating with experts in the organization is the key to always discovering creative and unique solutions when approaching challenges and uncharted terrains. By promoting ownership within our organization, we provide the perfect conditions to encourage curiosity that inspires state-of-the-art solutions for our clients.

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