our products encourage knowledge expansion, inspiration, and empowerment

Casual learning transformed into open and structured learning paths that seamlessly integrate into the daily routine of any user. This smart assistant transforms complex topics into bite-sized text and video courses.

'Best Year of My Life' is a motivational homepage that finds inspirational quotes and images that engage and support the user in their daily activities.

The wise feed offers personalized news articles based on your behavioral patterns and attributes similarity. Each user experience is unique and deserves unique content.

Searchforpedia isn’t just like any other search engine. It contributes to keep knowledge free to everyone. We donate a part of its profits to Open Educational Resources (OER).


Our backbone technologies are our legacy and pride.

Since 2008, we have been developing our engines in-house.

Our aim, since inception, is to enable highly scalable operation of automatic high-quality mass content creation.


Our learning technology enables our engines to automatically extract concise micro-Learning Objects (LOs) out of Open Educational Resources (OER).

At the same time, our proprietary AI connects bite-size content items into unique learning paths.


Our personalization engines analyze users' similarity, user behavior and user context to create personalized content offerings using proprietary machine learning technologies.

Resulting in tailored content from all of the user's favorite news, blogs, social media sites and more.

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